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Playing to win the game of life involves taking risks.   There are times, when we can create safe havens for ourselves, never daring to move out of our comfort zones.  These times might be followed by feelings of resentment and anger toward ourselves for playing it safe.  Then, a tug of war begins between staying safe and taking the risks. In my own life,

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Creating a Personal Board of Directors (PBD) Part 1:

Introduction Creating a PBD:  Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have access to a group of people who gather to support you in using your gifts to share with the world. A group that is loving, supportive, objective, and worldly-wise. A group that is invested in seeing you manifest your best self. That is what’s possible when you convene a Personal

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Creating A Personal Board of Directors (PBD) Part 2:

Establishing an Effective PBD In my last post, I introduced the concept of establishing your Personal Board of Directors (PBD) as a grounding and guiding force for your personal and professional success.  This may have left you wondering, “How do I find people to partner with for my PBD?”  As I shared, my PBD formed organically out of a group with whom I was already

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Creating A Personal Board of Directors (PBD) Part 3:

Post 3- How to convene your PBD  In my last post, I wrote about establishing a personal board of directors (PBD). But, once you’ve got your board on board, how do you manage the logistics?  How often will you meet; how do you use the time; what are the rules of engagement and agreements that will be important for success? Here’s How It Works for My

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There Is Power In Presence

You never know how your presents will be wrapped... I’ve heard that Chip Kelly used to say to his players, "Be where your feet are.” Climbing Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park today, we set out for a hike, which is not a big deal.  How high can a mountain on the East Coast be?  I love hiking.  I have hiking shoes.  I’m covered in

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Vacation’s Over

Wow! That went fast!! You plan, and plan, and plan, and anticipate, and look forward, and count the days until vacation and now, it’s over.  Most of us have a hard time coming back.  How can you make it easier on yourself? Just like you planned for the time off, can you plan your re-entry? What is re-entry? Is that even a thing? It sure

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Creating A Personal Board of Directors (PBD) Part 4:

Your PBD: When Shit Gets Real In my last three posts, I’ve written about what a Personal Board of Directors (PBD) is; it’s purpose; the benefits and how to create one of your own. In this final post I want to share with you the “why”.  Why will your PBD matter so much on your life’s journey? Our “why” is…Relationship! This journey is about creating

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Struggling with Sacrifice

Fall is a time for letting go. It is a time to let the limiting ideas and thoughts I’ve been living my life with fall away. Until recently, I was thinking these thoughts without questioning their validity.  These thoughts had become my beliefs.  I thought they were simply the truth. The limiting belief I want to share today, is the notion that success requires sacrifice.

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