Playing to win the game of life involves taking risks.   There are times, when we can create safe havens for ourselves, never daring to move out of our comfort zones.  These times might be followed by feelings of resentment and anger toward ourselves for playing it safe.  Then, a tug of war begins between staying safe and taking the risks.

In my own life, I’ve found bursts of inspiration only to lose it again. Often, the loss of my inspiration comes from the fear of stretching beyond that safe haven I’ve created.  I’ve had experiences of feeling immobilized; yet terrified that I will not be all that I know I can be if only I’d have the courage.

In recent years, I’m finally feeling genuinely inspired to share my passion for leadership in the 21st century and helping people make a living from their true power.  The challenge came for me in how to create a clear message to share my inspiration with others. I had only smatterings of the words for my purpose and a lot of apprehension about how the words and images I chose would be judged by others.

Enter my dear friend and trusted colleague, Lisa Kramer’s trip to the Bigger Game a program created by Rick Tamlyn  Lisa asked me some of the questions she’d asked herself during a workshop with Rick.

The questions that got my attention and ultimately shaped my intention and message are:

  • My professional life would be twice as meaningful if…
  • I’m dissatisfied with…
  • I’m excited about….
  • The difference I long to make is…
  • What do you want to see be different?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • If you had a magic wand….
  • What must change?
  • Where are you pulled to make a difference?

In coaching, there is a term we use when we feel compelled to move forward, it’s known as “Being Called Forth”.  These questions came at the right time for me.  If I wanted the world to be different; I had to be wiling to be different. If I wanted to make a difference, I couldn’t keep paying rent in the comfort zone.

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the result of the tension between who I AM and who I thought I had to be for you to approve of me.  But, a bigger game means taking risks, feeling awkward, and putting myself out there in new ways.  This led me to offering creativity in the form of my website, writing, recording video content and speaking publically about my devotion to what leadership looks like in the new world.

Life is pulling me out of my safe haven to make a difference by changing definition of who and what a leader is.  This definition will turn leadership inside-out, leaders right-side-up, and ultimately, create a WholeHearted Leader in Every Body.

My definition of a Leader: “One that is willing to take a long journey into their own evolution. When this happens, regardless of your role in your company, family or community, you will inspire and in-courage others to elevate as well.”

What do you need to go beyond your fears to live into your ultimate life?   Taking your next steps requires compassion, courage and boldness, so I’ve created as a place where you will find, tools, resources, inspiration, motivation, and coaching, as well as, a transformational GPS (The wHolyShift) for navigating your life, love, and leadership journey.

Twenty-First century Leadership is ground breaking. It requires pioneering a whole new way of being and doing that cultivates and encourages co-creation, collaboration and unprecedented cooperation.  Based on the fact that you’re still reading this blog, I know you’re a leader who wants to make a difference and I’m here to help you BE the difference you want to make in your life and in your leadership. Join me for a complimentary coaching session.