I work with people who want to maximize their personal and professional positivity, productivity and profitability to make a difference in themselves for the sake of something bigger than themselves.

My Vision: A WholeHearted Leader in Every Body.

redefining leadership

“The voice of a woman from a plugged in place is the most powerful untapped resource on the planet” Revolution by the Beatles

At My Core, I Am You.

My name is Jackie Lesser Faust.  At my core, I am you–someone whose intention is to live their best life in a peace-full and loving way. Despite that, there have been events and circumstances in my life that have felt difficult physically, mentally and emotionally and challenged that inner-calm. I have felt the fear of both not knowing myself and getting to know who I really am. If you’re a high achiever, you’ve likely experienced “imposter syndrome” . It keeps you small and safe and everytime I want to feel my full power, there’s another voice that says, where do you think you’re going. That’s not what you really want. Stay here and be safe with what you know and who you know. Talk about prison. And I may not have always trusted myself or life but I don’t want to leave this life without knowing who I truly am as a powerful creator and feeling that peace beyond all understanding. That being said, I have made a commitment to trusting life and removing the self imposed obstacles to living as the Fullest Expression of the Truth That I Am. We were all given gifts when we got here. These gifts were meant to be shared. In the giving is receiving.  Therefore, I have devoted this next half of this life to being mySelf, using my voice and the power of relationship to serve by sharing and inspiring hope, recovery and the way to create a new reality.  Join me on the journey of Self Discovery to the most powerful version of yourSelf and the life you really want to live.


My Mission: To support difference makers in becoming wholehearted leaders.

I provide support, tools, guidance and accountability that help you thrive in today’s ever-changing terrain. You can count on transformational shifts  to help you navigate during times of uncertainty. You were born to be a Difference Maker and Trailblazer who optimizes personal and professional performance. To find your how, click “Start Your Journey” below.

Today people are starving for self-love. They are exhausted by all the energy it takes to strive for what they believe they want from this world and either the target keeps moving so they never arrive at a place of true satisfaction or they get to a certain level of success and that doesn’t truly satisfy the deeper desire. Either way, missing the mark, we feel discontent and even slightly depressed by all the time and energy we’ve used to come up full of stuff yet empty inside.

I work with people to align with their highest Self,  feel empowered and take inspired action to create a whole new reality.

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