Coaching works by challenging and championing you to focus your energy, attention and actions on achieving results, while providing a supportive environment that encourages you to embrace change, stay flexible and develop resilience. The result is a shift in attitude, perspective, productivity, personal and professional profitability that allows  you to not only meet your objectives, but to expand beyond  your previously perceived limits.  Check out our services below and sign up a complimentary coaching session to get started.

What People Are Saying…

“The wHolyShift was a wholly holy experience for me. After three sessions with Jackie I was able to incorporate this process into my daily life. What I know for sure is that it takes me to my center, it is my way home; without external drama, without blaming others.”

J. Wyatt, EFT practitioner

“The wHolyShift will change the love vibration on the planet more than we can imagine.”

Rev. H. Burke, Minister

“It’s a new way to problem solve. You get all your stuff out of the way and deal with what’s in front of you with a whole new mind.”

L. Heise, College Professor

“This work is the most radical activism there is.”

Susan Hyman, Intuitive Strategist and Leadership Coach

“I am such a fan of Jacqueline Lesser’s work. She’s helped me make many wHolyShifts in my own life, and I encourage my patients and readers to experience her wisdom as well. I am so grateful that she allowed me to share her model in my latest book, Quantum Love.”

Laura Berman, PhD LCSW

“While I naturally miss my father, since discovering the wHolyShift, I know to embrace the younger side of of myself that always loved to see his excitement at what I was getting up to in life. The moment I learned to do that, my grief disappeared replaced only by remembrance and celebration”

D. Thomson, speaker, trainer facilitator.

“During a major transition in my life, I worked with Jackie on The wHolyShift that offered me new perspectives that fundamentally changed the way I experienced the world. A new way of thinking which enabled me to flow through life with more peace, comfort and grace. With this guidance I was able to fully integrate unhealed parts of myself back into my heart. I am so grateful for the wisdom, words of kindness and caring spirit. That experience has truly created impact in my life!”

Patti Carabba, Author of Please Pass the Gravy

“I was given an opportunity to receive coaching with Jackie. The experience has been truly rewarding. I’ve learned so much. I’m a more effective leader, communicator, and coach to all the employees at our company. The tools Jackie taught me go deeper than just business. They are life lessons and have impacted every part of my life. I would recommend Jackie to every manager who wants to improve their skills, change their business culture, and lead their company into the future”.

Scott Wagner, Plant Manager, RexHT

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Visit us at Creating Impact, LLC  where we work with purpose driven leaders who want to make a difference be the difference. Our confidential, unbiased forum provides the perfect platform to embrace change, manage growth and impact profitability through the support, guidance, tools and accountability that comes with our brand of leadership coaching.


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