Over the past 13 years, Coaching for a Cause has been so fulfilling that I have decided to continue dedicating time to working with trailblazers, pioneers, visionaries, difference makers and change agents. I offer the coaching support, championing, tools and accountability you need to make your ideas, service, products and/or offerings a success in order to create a new world.

Get the leadership coaching you need to help you navigate the uncharted territory of what’s now, new and next.

You are passionate about positive change.

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Welcome to Coaching for A Cause

Coaching for a Cause began in 2005 just after New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina…

Seeing that level of devastation called me in to action.  I wanted to have more positive impact.  So I asked myself, “What did I know how to do that could serve the people who’s lives and businesses have been wiped out?”   Through the International Coach Federation, I found a business that needed help re-building their business.  I worked with the president of that company for six months free of charge in order to provide support, championing, tools and accountability to get her company back to health.  Barbara Lamont, President, New Orleans Teleport/CALLS PLUS was very first “Coaching for a Cause” client and since then I have expanded the program to offer pro-bono coaching services to leaders in for profit business, non profits, communities and organizations that are doing good work in the world for the sake of the world.

Here are some of the other trailblazers, pioneers and movement makers I’ve had the pleasure to serve…

Barbara Lamont
Barbara Lamont President, New Orleans Teleport/CALLS PLUS
“It was only seven months after my home and business were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, when Jackie offered valuable assistance to help me rebuild both business and my personal life. She provided a platform for moving forward, relocating the business 150 miles away, rebuilding staff and clients. Most importantly Jackie was instrumental in helping me regain my long term creativity and confidence, eliminate those things which were not working, and gather resources to rebuild our organization, which today has more than tripled our staff and income.

It is difficult to muster strategic vision in the face of tragedy. With Jackie’s ongoing support, I was able to think clearly, plan and manage resources. Her focus on searching for the wisdom in every happening has sustained me over the past decade. She introduced the concept of “unlimited” into my life. Eleven years later the momentum she provided to both me and our business has reaped rich rewards. We went from being a 9 seat Answering Service with 2 clients to a 35 seat multi-channel, multilingual Contact Center serving the needs of major government agencies in more than 36 states. So there is life after disaster, especially with someone knowledgeable and committed in your corner. Thank you Jackie.”

Due Quach
Due QuachAuthor, Social Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder, Calm Clarity Mindful Leadership Program; Founding Chair, Collective Success
Jackie is an amazing and inspiring coach. She is one of the handful of people I turn to when I get stuck on a decision and somehow the advice she gives me always helps me to move forward. She has a way of explaining the bigger picture that helps me to me to see thing from a higher perspective. Anyone who has the opportunity to be part of the Coach for a Cause program is very lucky and fortunate. I hope everyone makes the most of Jackie’s wisdom to grow and more fully rise to their full potential.
Liz Dow
Liz DowPresident Leadership Philadelphia
“Jackie helps people to elevate their performance, to discern their direction, and to become the best versions of themselves.”
Catherine M. Cahill
Catherine M. CahillPresident & CEO, The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
“Jackie Lesser has a stellar track record of advising a broad array of leaders and that experience became evident the moment we met.”

Jeri Johnson
Jeri JohnsonFounder, BlackPearl Orchestra
In terms of what working with Jackie has done for me, I would say
~Coaching gave me the tools to help me clarify my short and long term professional goals.
~Coaching helped me prioritize present needs, challenges, opportunities based upon those goals.
~Coaching also helped reveal thinking patterns, behaviors, attitudes that were obstacles to achieving the results I wanted.
Jan Shaeffer
Jan ShaefferPresident, St. Christopher's Foundation for Children
“I could feel Jackie’s passion for true leadership. From this place, I was able to see my challenges from a completely different perspective. My obstacles become opportunities and my adversities become an invitation to grow. Jackie’s guidance opened me to an unlimited source of personal and professional strength and power”

“The wHolyShift was a wholly holy experience for me. After three sessions with Jackie I was able to incorporate this process into my daily life. What I know for sure is that it takes me to my center, it is my way home; without external drama, without blaming others.”

J. Wyatt, EFT practitioner

“The wHolyShift will change the love vibration on the planet more than we can imagine.”

Rev. H. Burke, Minister

“It’s a new way to problem solve. You get all your stuff out of the way and deal with what’s in front of you with a whole new mind.”

L. Heise, College Professor

“This work is the most radical activism there is.”

Susan Hyman, Intuitive Strategist and Leadership Coach

“I am such a fan of Jacqueline Lesser’s work. She’s helped me make many wHolyShifts in my own life, and I encourage my patients and readers to experience her wisdom as well. I am so grateful that she allowed me to share her model in my latest book, Quantum Love.”

Laura Berman, PhD LCSW

“While I naturally miss my father, since discovering the wHolyShift, I know to embrace the younger side of of myself that always loved to see his excitement at what I was getting up to in life. The moment I learned to do that, my grief disappeared replaced only by remembrance and celebration”

D. Thomson, speaker, trainer facilitator.

“During a major transition in my life, I worked with Jackie on The wHolyShift that offered me new perspectives that fundamentally changed the way I experienced the world. A new way of thinking which enabled me to flow through life with more peace, comfort and grace. With this guidance I was able to fully integrate unhealed parts of myself back into my heart. I am so grateful for the wisdom, words of kindness and caring spirit. That experience has truly created impact in my life!”

Patti Carabba, Author of Please Pass the Gravy

“I was given an opportunity to receive coaching with Jackie. The experience has been truly rewarding. I’ve learned so much. I’m a more effective leader, communicator, and coach to all the employees at our company. The tools Jackie taught me go deeper than just business. They are life lessons and have impacted every part of my life. I would recommend Jackie to every manager who wants to improve their skills, change their business culture, and lead their company into the future”.

Scott Wagner, Plant Manager, RexHT