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What is The wHolyShift?

Your “GPS” for Success.

Today’s Difference maker is a Leader and  must explore the great unknown for effective solutions, drawing upon the co-creativity of themselves with others.  I will introduce you to a revolutionary navigational system that is based on the key leadership competency of relatedness. How you relate  to yourself, others and the larger environments you are impacting. This way of leading revolutionizes how things get done by changing the way people work together.

Implement The wHolyShift in your life & you will:


  • Learn strategies, tools and a powerful process to make better decisions in the face of uncertainty

  • Acquire tips and tools to overcome perfectionism & eliminate overwhelm

  • Receive unconditional support and accountability to ensure the changes that you want in your life can happen

  • Take inspired action for moving forward during times of uncertainty

How Do I Know The wHolyShift Is for Me?

  • You’d like confidence and the tools to handle the ups, downs, twists and turns of life and work

  • You want to Thrive rather than just survive in all aspects of your Life, Love & Leadership

  • You’re feeling stuck and unable to move or make any progress towards a goal that feels important

  • You’re at a crossroads and need a decision making process that feels aligned with what’s most important to you.

  • You’re feeling unsettled in some part of your life and want/need to make a change

How It Came To Be

I can imagine that, like me, when you look at your personal and professional life, there are times when you have felt uncertain about which direction to go. Times when you’ve felt confused about which decision is best? Overwhelmed by circumstances and situations?

I am not a stranger to those feelings of uncertainty. Several years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with anorexia. Anorexia has the highest fatality rate of any mental illness. So many feelings were competing for my attention—blame, shame, guilt, anger, and of course, paralyzing fear. Nevertheless, I had to find a way to wholly navigate this uncharted territory because my daughter’s life depended on the decisions I had to make.

I needed a super GPS—an inner compass to guide the way. I was reminded that I had to put the oxygen mask on myself first. It took a lot of courage to do that. The doubt surfaced–was I being selfish? Shouldn’t a good mother completely sacrifice herself for her daughter? The stakes were high.

I chose life, wholehearted compassion, love and what I know about the truth of leadership. With the energy and confidence that resulted, I began cultivating and developing a process for personal development with the best tools and resources from all my years of leadership coaching and spiritual seeking.

My daughter ultimately took charge of her own recovery and is currently thriving. The harvesting of the gems from that experience, as well as the synthesis of a power-full toolkit, is what ultimately became The wHolyShift.

Embrace The wHolyShift and you will:

  • Become a leader in your own life

  • Improve all of your relationships

  • Increase your Mindfulness, Presence and Appreciation

  • Activate a personal GPS for navigating with more confidence and courage

Start Your Journey with a Complimentary Coaching Session
“Like all maps, we should not mistake it with the territory itself. It simply offers signposts to orient toward as we accompany ourselves and others on a transformational journey. It is not a linear process, but more of a hologram that we move through with fluidity and flexibility.”
~Richard Strozzi Heckler