STOP, CLEAR, OPEN: Message from the Microwave

Who among you will drink their hot coffee, cold? I, for one, am usually fine with it, but recently, when it was chilly in my office, I went in to the kitchen to warm my morning cup in the microwave. Quickly realizing that I put it on for too long, I hit the button that said “STOP/CLEAR”.  Then, since I have a fancy microwave ?,

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Self Talk

You do know that you are talking to yourself all the time, right? But, are you aware of the tone of your self-talk? How many times are you commentating on what you’ve just done or forgot to do with some kind of judgement?  How are you speaking to yourself about yourself? For instance, I was driving to an appointment today and there was a huge

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Truth Be Told

Life isn’t about what you do.  It’s about Who You Are Being while you’re doing. And, it’s hard to know who to be when you don’t know who you truly are.  Who are you beyond your roles and beliefs? A lot of my doing came from the need to be someone created by those roles and beliefs.   I thought if I could do something great, really great, and

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Health In The Fast Lane – Creating Better Health in a Busy World

Guest Post By Gayle Cohen One of the biggest obstacles of living a healthy lifestyle is time.  The number one excuse is “I’m too busy” - “my job is demanding - working so many hours - the last thing I want to do is come home and cook a meal...even though I know that’s good for me” or “I get up early with the kids,

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Asking for What You Need

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretsky Last month, Robin Christine wrote a guest blog about having “Courageous Conversations”.  She spoke about how those conversations can feel awkward and be messy, but the most important thing is to be committed to improving the space between you and the “other”.  This month’s blog is dedicated to the part of the conversation that

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Productivity In A World of Distraction

Our world is full of distractions that make giving your full attention to what’s in front of you is no easy task. So many shiny objects are right at our fingertips, beeping, buzzing, flashing for our attention. Think about any of the black holes that captivate you… endless google searches, Instagram pics, Pinterest, your news feed…with all these distractions around us, we have to work hard

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Overcoming Overwhelm Part 2: Reprogramming your responses to Overcome Overwhelm

Are You Ready to Overcome Overwhelm? We are all human, and from time to time, every human being I know, comes face to face with overwhelm.  In part 1 of this 3-part series on overcoming overwhelm, I wrote about recognizing overwhelm for what it is and taking your power back.  Here in part 2, we’ll look at reprogramming the way you react to overwhelm. If

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Overcoming Overwhelm Part 1: I’m Overwhelmed! What Does That Mean?

How many things are there on your to do list today?  Do you feel like you’re bombarded with information, multiple priorities and competing demands? If you’re like me, your to do list could be written on a roll of toilet paper. It’s ohhhverrr whelmmmm-ing!!! It feels like you’ll never get it all done.  Overwhelm is an all too familiar feeling, it starts in your mind

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21st century #Leadership competency of UBUNTU

UBUNTU is a term associated with Nelson Mandela, according to Wikipedia, Ubuntu (/ʊˈbuːntʊ/uu-BOON-tuu; Zulu pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼù])[1][2] is a NguniBantu term meaning "humanity". It is often also translated as "humanity towards others", but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".[3] I consider UBUNTU an essential leadership competency for the 21st century. Leadership in the 21st century is

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What’s Next?

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” Aristotle The year was 1999.  I had been promoted to President of the Information Technology permanent placement division of a national staffing company. At the time, I was, at what looked like, the pinnacle of my career. My company was in a prime position for growth. I was making more money

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